Recording of Keynote Presentation, originally delivered at the 10th Futurologic Symposium 2023, Amsterdam.

Since quite a few people were interested in seeing the presentation again and sharing it with others, we decided to upload a recorded version of Oliver Szasz’s presentation held at the 10th Futurologic Symposium 2023 in Amsterdam. The goal of the symposium “Towards the Symbiocene?” was to provide a multitude of perspectives on the concept of the Symbiocene. Coined in 2011 by Australian philosopher Glenn Albrecht in response to the Anthropocene, this term describes an era in which a symbiotic relationship exists between humans and nature.

In his presentation, “From Symbiocentric Visions to Transformative Change,” Oliver Szasz explored artistic approaches as catalysts to envision symbiocentric futures and trigger transformative action. To view the recording, please click on the image below.

For more information on the symposium, please read our post: Welcome to the Symbiocene?

Project Examples

In the video Oliver Szasz talks about some projects examples. You can find detailed information to each mentioned example via the direct project post links below:

Prof. Oliver Szasz

Fields of Expertise: Design-Driven Innovation, Design Thinking,
Transdisciplinary Knowledge Transfer, Practice-Based Design Research