Three interconnected elements:

The Symbio(s)cene initiative contains three core elements: research & development projects and education; knowledge transfer; and engagement of the general public.

Symbioscene Initiative, PD Dr. Tina Heger, Ingrid Ruegemer, Prof. Oliver Szasz

Current and recent activities:

• Planning and Curating the first Symbio(s)cene exhibition and Panel Talk “People, Nature, Future” with Finnish-Norwegian artist duo Riitta Ikonen & Caroline Hjorth. The event will take place in October in Munich.

• Interdisciplinary project “Symbioceno Chiquitos”, summer term 2021
A collaboration with M.A. Design Management students from Macromedia University and Senckenberg Institute.

• Focus project at Macromedia, Munich, winter term 2020/2021
• Student projects at TU Munich, winter term 2020/2021
“Landscapes in Germany 2050: Which visions does restoration ecology have?” (Bachelor’s program)
“United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration: What are the visions for the future?” (Master’s program)

• Master theses at TU Munich, winter term 2020/2021