Activating Environmental Awareness: From Aesthetic Experience to an Ecological Mindset.

On the occasion of the BARK performance coming to Munich, Symbio(s)cene invited Abigael Winsvold, Heidi Miikki, Emma Langmoen and Frøydis Dahlø from the artist group Acting for Climate to sit down at Culturesphere Gallery for an online artist talk about the entanglements of art and ecology and how aesthetic experiences can possibly spark action for the common good. How can we bridge the gulf between knowledge and action? What is unique about the alchemy of the arts in bringing about potential change? How can we reimagine ourselves as being a part of, not apart from, the more-than-human-world? And how do we make space for the hard conversations, individually and collectively?

Online Artist Talk with Acting for Climate: Tuesday 26 April 2022
The recorded event can be viewed below

Guest Speakers


Abigael R. Winsvold
Abigael is one of the co-founders of Acting for Climate, and has her whole artistic life had an urge in finding ways to express issues related to climate change and sustainability through arts. Abigael is specialised in the circus disciplines partner acrobatics and rope from AMoC (Academy for Modern Circus) in Copenhagen and CODARTS Circus department in Rotterdam. In her artistic work she focuses on interdisciplinary work by combining dance, theatre and circus, with focus on combining scientific research in the art-processes.


Emma S. Langmoen
A circus artist with a background in environmental politics and activism; Emma immediately found her artistic home in Acting for Climate. She has been part of running the company since 2018. When she is not wearing the hats of artist/creator/board member/multitasker in A4C, she is the Artistic Director for Oslo Nysirkus and a freelance performer. Emma is interested in physical and verbal poetry, the emotional perception of climate change on the individual and collective, and how sensory experiences can create closeness to nature. And she deeply believes that everything is political.


Heidi Miikki
Heidi is a Helsinki-based dancer and circus artist who has a dancer’s education from Outokumpu, Finland and studied circus both at AFUK in Copenhagen and BA degree at Turku Arts Academy. She dances and jumps on the tightwire, on the ground, in a harness, and climbs the pole and trees. Heidi is fascinated by movement, improvisation, playfulness and nature (among many other things!) She is an environmentalist to whom empathy, caring and meeting are the core of being. Heidi has been working with several companies and made her own multidisciplinary work combining circus, dance, music and film.


Frøydis Dahlø
Musician, performer, organizer and norm-critical thinker.



PD Dr. Tina Heger
Co-Founder Symbio(s)cene & Lecturer at Chair of Restoration Ecology, Technische Universität München (TUM), School of Life Sciences, Munich

Ingrid Rügemer
Co-Founder Symbio(s)cene,
Co-Founder Culturesphere GmbH,
& independet Designer, Artist and Curator

Prof. Oliver Szasz, Symbio(s)cene, Symbioscene, Culturesphere

Prof. Oliver Szasz
Co-Founder Symbio(s)cene & Professor and Head of Design Management at Macromedia University, Munich


Anne-Sophie Balzer

Anne-Sophie Balzer
Anne-Sophie is a journalist, literary scholar, poet, and fellow of the international doctorate program (Re)thinking Environment at Augsburg University, Germany.

The Symbio(s)cene team would like to thank Anne-Sophie Balzer for kindly initiating and co-organizing this event.

Also read Anne-Sopie Balzer’s article „I am the forest. You need me“

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Image Source: © Cosmin Cirstea