A new Symbio(s)cene student project started!

This time, M.A. Design Management students from Macromedia University Munich have the task to support Dr. Martin Jansen from Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt with ideas and tools towards solving an urgent and dramatic crisis.

In 2015 Bolivia was ranked among the 10 countries with the greatest loss of primary forest, and especially in the eastern lowland Chiquitano region, forests are shrinking at an alarming rate. This region is diverse in habitats, fauna and flora alike with a large portion of species probably still unknown. In 2009, the Senckenberg Research Institute founded the Centro de investigaciones Ecológicas Chiquitos (CIEC) on the farm and private reserve “San Sebastián” and since then, this station has been frequently used for biodiversity research and capacity building. For example, camera traps have been installed in the adjacent area, and Martin Jansen initiated a citizen science project for analyzing the camera feed. Everyone is welcome to look for Jaguars and other exciting species at WildLIVE!

In 2019 and 2020 the deforestation rate of the Chiquitano dry forests increased again substantially, leading to an enormous loss of habitat for the unique flora and fauna in the entire region. The challenge is now to prevent further loss of forest, and to develop a new vision for the region. Building on the ideas of a Symbiocene, the goal will be to create a new narrative for regional conservation, fostering a renewed link of people with nature, and increasing value and awareness of local nature and wilderness for the local communities.

We are looking forward to the ideas the students will develop for facilitating this process.

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© Dr. Martin Jansen