Our Vision

Symbio(s)cene is a non-profit initiative with the vision to shape a new mindset that thinks beyond the Anthropocene. We see this new mindset as an important key to bringing about transformative change. Our holistic approach interconnects sciences and arts – giving space to knowledge as well as emotions – to foster positive human-nature relationships and thus open up new perspectives for a livable future for all living beings.

Our Motivation

The world is experiencing a major biodiversity crisis. The rate of species loss is increasing, and in most of the major taxonomic groups of plants and animals 25% of the species is threatened with extinction. In face of this major crisis, there are growing calls for transformative change. A deep, radical and sweeping transformation of society is needed in order to reach the global goal of sustainability. A key for triggering this development might be to “Embrace diverse visions of a good life”.

Visionary scenarios are of major importance for motivating individual as well as political action, and at the same time they can enhance societal decision-making in the light of multiple alternative scenarios. With a focus on “good life” and symbiotic interactions with other living beings, such visions have the potential to stir society towards a more sustainable, just and rewarding future – the Symbiocene.

Our initiative Symbio(s)cene aims to stimulate and guide the creation of transdisciplinary, integrative visions for a “good life”. In multiple disciplines and sectors of society, ideas for a liveable future exist, with often rather precise mental pictures of the positive effects societal change towards sustainability could have. These concrete visions, however, usually remain within the respective contexts. They are usually neither connected to each other, nor communicated to the broader public. With Symbio(s)cene, we want to bring to light elusive ideas about liveable futures.

Our Goals

Fostering knowledge transfer and synthesis with the help of innovative discursive methods, thus compiling information on expected positive effects of measures to protect climate, biodiversity, and the environment.

Motivating and enabling scientists, artists, designers and the general public to engage actively in a transdisciplinary and participatory process, to develop positive, integrative and multifaceted visions for a liveable future and towards a respectful and rewarding interaction with other living beings, on a global, regional and local level.

Communicating the Symbio(s)cene approach, processes and outcomes with the aim to motivate similar activities elsewhere in order to trigger the urgently needed societal transformation on a global scale.

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