The World Hope Forum – founded by Lidewij Edelkoort, one of the world’s most respected cultural forecasters and Philip Fimmano, a design consultant, curator and writer – envisions an Ecomomy of Hope as the essential way to move forward – an economy that puts people and the planet before profits.

“The World Hope Forum is a new gathering that will include climate change on its agenda as well as caring for all neglected people involved in production chains and services. Under the leadership of ambassadors chosen in participating countries, the World Hope Forum will bring together speakers and selected case studies, good practices, retail reinventions and innovative ideas that will sprout in the spring of revival. Different solutions and scenarios brought together in a global (virtual) forum once a year. Dynamic concepts and economic data will be analysed and exchanged, for all of us to learn from and to inspire our creative energies. The results will be subsequently published and open-source access will allow others to follow…” (Edelkoort, 2020).

Photo by Michael Baumgarten

Curators Lidewij Edelkoort & Philip Fimmano
Photo by Thirza Schaap

Dutch Ambassador Petra Janssen
Photo by Rene van der Hulst

The first World Hope Forum is organized in cooperation with Petra Janssen (Social Label) and the Dutch Design Festival:

World Hope Forum

Free Event


10:30 Lidewij Edelkoort World Hope forum Maninfesto
10:45 Meet the WHF Ambassadors (Mary Portas from England and Kaori Leyasa from Japan)
11:00 Petra Janssen  WHF, Ambassador for the Nederlands & founder of Social Label
11:45 Philip Fimmano, A  Labour of Love: : new materialism in design
13:15 Rodney Lam, serial entrepreneur & co-founder, Daily Paper
13.45 Pascale Gatzen Head of Practice Held in Common, ArtEZ
14:45 Meet the WHF Ambassadors (Stephanie Calvino from France, Kavita Parmar from Spain, Ragna Froda from Iceland)
Michiel Van Maaren 2020 Design Academy Eindhoven , The Fastest Fashion
15:30 Meet the WHF Ambassadors (Marcella Echavarria from Mexico, Lily Tedde from Brazil, Barbara de Vries from the US)
Tord Boontje, designer & creator of Do-It-Together
16:10. Lucas de Man Biobased Creations
16:30 Lidewij Edelkoort with last words of hope

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Image sources:
© Photo by Michael Baumgarten
© Photo by Thirza Schaap @thirzaschaap
© Photo by Rene van der Hulst

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