… and received its first donation.

Here is something to celebrate: The initiative Symbio(s)cene now officially became “Symbio(s)cene e.V.” and is a “Gemeinnütziger Verein”, which is the German equivalent of an NGO. To guarantee a good start into this new phase of our initiative, Tina Heger, co-founder of Symbio(s)cene, contributed with a donation of 5,000€. This was money she had received in 2021 as a reward for her habilitation thesis on theoretical ecology and invasion biology. The award, the Dr. Heinrich-Baur-Preis, was granted by the World Agricultural Systems Center – Hans Eisenmann-Forum für Agrarwissenschaften.

As an NGO, Symbio(s)cene has many plans  (see our Activities) – more donations are therefore highly appreciated!

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Image sources: Majharul Islam on Unsplash