Sprout – The eco-urban poetry journal presents its first issue dedicated to the theme SPACE.

“In inviting new work to reflect expansively about space, our contributors took up this call to carve out space(s) for themselves. The collected product reflects a multitude of poetic practices. What brings them all together is a particular attentiveness to the liminal, the in-between, the beingness of being-in-space, and acts of seeing out(or, indeed in)wards, into space.”  (sprout poetry journal)

The issue can be viewed here.

Sprout is a creative project of The Nature of Cities (TNOC) that focuses on poetry and the poetic expression, with a specific interest in the character of green cities. Curating a space for trans- and multidisciplinary collaborations between poets, researchers, and citizens, Sprout aims to expand our understanding of who/what “speaks” for a city and explore how nature shapes urban spaces.

References: www.sproutpoetryjournal.com

Photos: © Sprout