Collaboration, Interdisciplinarity and Sustainability.

These are the values of the Ove Arup Foundation and the driving forces behind its ‘Catalyst for Change’ program.

“The Ove Arup Foundation honours the memory of engineer, designer and philosopher, Sir Ove Arup. By funding educational programmes and initiatives, the foundation drives values of innovation and inclusive design, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and interdisciplinary collaboration. Sir Ove Arup was committed to the benefit of practitioners from different fields learning from each other. Through its actively inclusive work with universities, communities and organisations around the world, the Ove Arup Foundation strives to create a professional culture of multiple perspectives and skills across different disciplines within the built environment.” (Ove Arup Foundation)

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ove Arup Foundation, highlights of funded projects and future initiatives were selected to be presented as part of the ‘Catalyst for Change’ exhibition. The following video presents a brief summary of the projects and the foundation’s pioneering work promoting education and knowledge in the built environment through interdisciplinary design practices.

Documentations of inspirational lectures, debates, workshops, exhibitions and featured grants can be viewed through the Ove Arup Foundation You Tube Channel.


The Timeline “Catalyst for Change” gives an overview of the impressive grant projects awarded since 1990. The PDF can be downloaded here.


Photos: © Ove Arup Foundation