Material Culture and Transformative Change.

“Matter Moves Mind: Towards a New Material Culture” was curated by Ingrid Rügemer, the artistic director of Culturesphere Gallery and one of the founders of Symbio(s)cene. The exhibition addresses the reciprocal relationship between matter and mind, and the potential of material culture in the context of transformative change:

“The current global crises show that we need to fundamentally reconsider our ways of thinking and acting as individuals and as a society. Doing so, we must be aware that we do not act isolated from the physical world. Instead, our perceptions, emotions, social relationships and even our bodies are shaped by the material world that surrounds us, which thus has a significant impact on our thoughts and actions. Hence, there is a reciprocal relationship between matter and mind, which manifests in our material culture. Consequently, the things we create and surround ourselves with go far beyond form and function: they embody and reflect how we think. Artists and designers have always contributed to shaping material culture, which makes them important players in the context of transformative change.” (Culturesphere, 2022)

Matter Moves Mind, Curation Ingrid Ruegemer

On display are the works of five artists and designers who, with their approaches, methods and objects, set inspiring impulses for a more sustainable material culture, encourage future-oriented perspectives: Martina Dempf, Emmanuel Heringer, Zena Holloway, Cara Murphy & Jochen Rueth.

The Exhibition can be viewed at:
Culturesphere Gallery, Munich, from 14 – 25 June 2022

Matter Moves Mind, Prof. Oliver Szasz

The exhibition “Matter Moves Mind” was also accompanied by an online panel discussion with experts from Anthropology, Innovation Management and Design: Dr. Lora Koycheva, Prof. Dr. Giovanni Schiuma, Prof. Stuart Walker. Prof. Oliver Szasz hosted the panel talk.
The recording from 18 May 2022 also available to watch on the Culturesphere website.

Ingrid Ruegemer

Fields of Expertise: Art, Craft, Design