Material Culture and Transformative Change.

Ingrid Rügemer, artistic director of Culturesphere and one of the Symbio(s)cene founding partners curated the exhibition “AWARÉ – Objects of Human-Nature Dialogue”, which presents the internationally acclaimed works of Sylvia Eustache Rools and Jérôme Pereira for the first time in Germany. The exhibition shows sculptural and textile works by the French duo, who collaborate together under the name “Awaré”. “Awaré” here stands for the English word “aware”, meaning to be conscious and attentive. It is also based on the complex Japanese term “mono no aware”, which expresses the joy of the ephemeral beauty of life and at the same time the acceptance of the passing of all things.

Sylvia and Jerome share a deep fascination for geology and a sensitivity for the aesthetics of natural processes of change. Sylvia’s textile works are dedicated to the phenomena of oxidation, and through her multi-layered methods she creates chromatic landscapes that blur the boundaries between artefact and nature. Jérôme brings a scientific understanding from his studies in physics and geophysics together with a poetic sensitivity to matter and the forces of nature to his rough yet graceful wooden sculptures. As a duo, the two artists create sculptural artefacts that represent an inspirational dialogue between natural transformation processes and the human hand. Their unique objects also convey the constructive collaboration of two artistic personalities who, with their individual approaches and materials, explore permeable boundaries and create new connections.

Given the urgent environmental and social challenges our world is facing, it is becoming increasingly clear that new narratives are needed to inspire positive change and to drive sustainable transformation. These narratives can help transform a collective state of hopelessness and apathy to optimism and participation. An important aspect in this context is that participation always requires communication, or dialogue. In order to successfully engage in dialogue, attentive listening, empathy and appreciation of different perspectives are indispensable. The works of “Awaré” are an expression of a human-nature dialogue that recognises the significance of the reciprocal relationships between different entities. It inspires to reflect on our relationship with the natural world and emphasises the importance of acting in partnership and connectedness.

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Ingrid Ruegemer

Fields of Expertise: Art, Craft, Design