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Our Vision, Approach and Activities.


Symbio(s)cene is a non-profit initiative with the vision to shape a new mindset that promotes thinking beyond the Anthropocene. We see this new mindset as an important key to bringing about transformative change. The distinctive proposition of our initiative…


The pressing environmental-ecological problems of our time are highly complex, interconnected, and nonlinear phenomena. The sciences are under pressure to provide precise, rational and conclusive answers, yet unambiguous evidence of causes and…


Our activities are transdisciplinary and interconnected. The Symbio(s)cene initiative contains three core activity elements: research & development projects and education; knowledge transfer; and engagement of the general public through exhibitions…

Our Repository:A Source of Information & Inspiration

Here, we post short contributions pointing to related work in arts and sciences, summaries of our own activities and essays written by ourselves and guests. Each post is tagged, and clicking on a tag will guide you to related posts

Emanuele Coccia

Life of Plants by Emanuele Coccia

A philosophical perspective on plants. Emanuele Coccia, Associate Professor in the History of Philosophy at the EHESS in Paris, presents his new…

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