A future-minded exhibition that rethinks our interior spaces.

The exhbition envisions how we might live in the future and promotes contemporary handcrafted design by an inspirational group of international artist-designer-makers.

“THE NATURAL ROOM, curated by Sarah Myerscough, is a dynamic new initiative that embraces our innate human connection to the natural world and invites this into our living spaces; it promotes the use of slow, organic materials in innovative and imaginatively crafted design and art and refutes fast-consumerism, embodied by the mass-produced and disposable simulacrum. The exhibition asks us to imagine our home in the future and to consider what choices we currently make when designing our interior spaces, from the rugs to the artwork. Given our environmental emergency, our approach to living needs to be radically different in terms of ethical decisions about sustainability and materials, eating, travel, where we live, our homes, and what we surround ourselves with” (Sarah Myerscough Gallery, 2020).

The exhibition can be viewed by appointment only. In case you can’t visit the exhibition personally, I would highly recommend to visit the Sarah Myerscough Gallery website. Besides viewing the collection online, you will also have the opportunity to watch vidoes about the incredible making processes and the materials used for the design and art pieces.



The exhibition shows works by:

ARKO, Japan; Laura Ellen Bacon, UK; Max Bainbridge of Forest + Found, UK; Angela Damman, Mexico; Alison Dickens, UK; Egeværk, Denmark; Max Frommeld, USA; Luke Fuller, UK; Ernst Gamperl, Germany; Joe Hogan, Ireland; Felicity Irons of Rush Matters, UK; Tim Johnson, Spain; Mami Kato, Japan; Eleanor Lakelin, UK; Fernando Laposse, Mexico; Peter Marigold & Tadanori Tozawa, UK/Japan; Cristian Mohaded, Argentina; Gareth Neal, UK; Michael Peterson, USA; Marcin Rusak, Poland; Alida Kuzemczak-Sayer, UK; Diana Scherer, Netherlands; Wycliffe Stutchbury, UK; Domingos Totora, Brazil; and Nic Webb, UK.


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©2020 Sarah Meyerscough Gallery, London

Ingrid Ruegemer

Fields of Expertise: Art, Craft, Design