Step into the future!

The development of visions and scenarios are key drivers for shaping our future. What will our cities look like? How can we make them more sustainable? What technologies are already available to help us? What is still science fiction? This is just one of the many areas we can explore with the CITIES ENVISIONING platform. A great free tool, for anyone involved in developing visions for the future.

“Envisioning Cities is a free and continuously updated emerging technology platform that enables you to plan for the future and manage how you get there. We help you discover and learn about innovative ideas affecting cities worldwide, including generating civic engagement, promoting transparent governance, managing logistics, mobility, and ensuring public health and security. Each technology is described, assessed and tagged according to multiple criteria including readiness levels and related sustainable development goals. Envisioning Cities is also a community for those interested in staying up to date with the latest emerging technologies. We offer our research to anyone involved in urban innovation in order to contribute to the growing understanding of technology in society. By sharing our research freely we hope to bring reliable insights to those most needing it.” (