Symbio(s)cene co-founder Tina Heger will be speaking at the discourse and exhibition event Cohabitation at Spreepark Berlin – a cooperation between ARCH+ and Spreepark Art Space.

Discourse title: Negotiating Nature
Guest Speakers: Sandra Jasper, Böhler & Orendt , Tina Heger
Time: 16 Sept 2021, 4 p.m. – 6p.m.
Location: Spreepark, Berlin

The Spreepark challenges old boundaries between nature and culture or the city. After the Spreepark was left to urban nature for years, flora and fauna have conquered the dilapidated rides and remaining architecture, including new immigrant plants and animal species. The effects of man-made climate heating are also already visible in Spreepark. Today, Spreepark should become a public space shared by humans and nature. But if we can no longer fall back on old familiar categories, we can no longer speak of wanting to preserve “nature”, but must consciously decide how we shape our coexistence with which forms of nature. What nature is thus becomes a political question that requires negotiation. For example, how must our understanding of nature change if we recognise its own agency? How can we overcome ideas of supposedly pure, indigenous nature and instead create an awareness of the fact that nature is constantly changing? The artists Böhler & Orendt, the geographer and urban researcher Sandra Jasper and the biologist Tina Heger will discuss this. The discourse event will be held in German and will be followed by a sound performance by Thomash & Luter: 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

More detailed information on further “Cohabition” discourse events and exhibitions can be found on the Arch+.

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Exhibition view. Entrance ramp into the concrete hall of silent green with the manifesto of philiosopher Fahim Amir, in a presentation by performer Alicia Agustin. Animation by Pan Hun and Anton Krebs, station+, Darch/ETH Zurich / ©

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