Material Awareness – the mindful dialogue between man and material – is the guiding theme of the latest issue of the bilingual art, craft and design magazine ART AUREA. Reinhold Ludwig, publisher and editor-in-chief, has been supporting the topic of sustainability and positive change from the perspective of applied art for many years. With his articles on artists, exhibitions and publications he provides inspiring insights into mindful lifestyles and stimulates new ways of looking at things.

Art Aurea, Reinhold Ludwig, Art, Craft, Design, Material Awareness
Art Aurea, Reinhold Ludwig, Art, Craft, Design, Material Awareness

In the article Earth, Wind, Fire, Water (Issue 42, Winter 2020), Ludwig introduces his readers to an exhibition and the accompanying publication that focuses on the respectful relationship between people, materials and the environment:

The Norwegian gallery F 15, in collaboration with curator Randi Grov Berger and the Nordic Network of Crafts Associations (NNCA), has invited 17 artists and artist groups to explore the potential of materials and natural elements as co-authors of artistic works. With their crafted artefacts, the artists call for a different, more conscious approach to nature. Edited by Randi Grov Berger and Tonne Kjellevold, the publication Earth, Wind, Fire, Earth not only features images of the exhibited artworks, but also contains a series of engaging essays by prominent authors and thinkers and aims to stimulate the debate about the role of craft in a post-anthropocene world. Artists as pioneers of a new ecological age? A big but rewarding task to engage with.


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